Fine ceramic and pueblo pottery restoration or repair and Navajo rug, blanket, weaving, or textile analysis and certification using HPLC dye, yarn, and fiber analysis.

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Pottery Restoration and Repair. Using Conservation Standards, Pueblo Pottery to Picasso Sculptures, with Specialization in Maria Martinez and Margaret Tafoya High Polish Pottery
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Research Goals and Purpose:
Dye analysis looks for natural or synthetic dyes-(coal tar dyes patented from 1856 to the late 1880's),
and natural dyes that were used prehistorically to present times. Yarn and fiber analysis can together with dye analysis provide a "Scientific Provenance." Like buying tittle insurance for real estate, Textile Analysis and Certification
establishes a current base line of reproducible forensic research results. Dating a textile is done by associating the dates of synthetic dyes used to dye original yarns of a textile as "could not be older than," and natural dyes as
possibly older than 1880's and are being used today.

Anything woven from Kepi's and uniforms to flags and floor rugs to fine blankets or prayer rugs have been certified.

(Various dye analysis methods are compared)

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