These are incredible minatures that Kevin Naranjo made. This etched Elk head and Profile high polish reduction fired ceramic is an excellent example of fine art. 3"D2 x 1/4"H

Kevin Naranjo Antelope Etching
2 1/2"D
1 5/8"H



Kevin Naranjo Young Deer/Elk Etching
2 1/2"D 2 1/2"H

Kevin Naranjo very fine and detailed Bald Eagle Etching. Kevin's work is very collectable and will enhance any collection. 2 1/2"D x 1 3/8"H

This is an intrecately painted Santa Clara polychrome olla by Marcellos and Elizabeth Medina with
Three Cerimonial Dancers 9"D x 9 1/2"H

This photo shows the signature

This is an intrecately painted Santa Clara polychrome with
Three Cerimonial Dancers 8 3/4"D x 9"H

Medellin Naranjo
Santa Clara
mesa pattern

Medellin Naranjo
Santa Clara Sun

This photo shows the signature
Medellin Naranjo carved high polished reduction fired black
mesa pattern and sun bowls
Tosa Jemez Red carved melon vase
6"H x 4 1/2"D

This photo shows the signature

Jina Garcia High Polish Red Olla
7 1/2"D x 10"H

Madiline Naranjo Seed Bowl
3.5"D X 3"H

Madiline Naranjo Mesa Bowl
3.5"D X 2.5"H

Maxine Yepa
Jemez Swirled Slip Carved Bowl
4.5"D X 4.5"H


Pauline Romero Jemez Pueblo Etched Butterfly on Polished Red Olla
7.5"D X 6"H

Old Santo Domingo Dough Bowl
Turn of the Century
13.5" D X 5"H

Acoma Olla 1940s
9" D X 7"H

WestMountain Luguna Etched Black on Grey fine line
with Inlaid Turquoise Bowl
9.75"D X 6.75"H

Hopi Vernido Nampeyo Seed Bowl
11"D X 7"H

Here is a collection of very nice high quality hand made pottery from New Mexico
We have assembled a collection of pottery that is representative and specific to the potters named below.
If you wish to purchase quantities there are discounts and wholesale pricing available.
Please send me an email if you have any questions email Casey Reed or
Please call Casey Reed @ 505-344-8492

The ceramics are covered in plastic wrap to keep them clean, so there may be a shinny quality
or even distortion where the plastic is bunched up in areas.