Hopi-Tewa Reservation

Thomas Polacca was born in 1935 into the Hopi-Tewa Reservation. Thomas is the Grandson of the famous Nampeyo.

Thomas learned the art of pottery making on his own. Tradition is a vital part of the Hopi way of life. The Nampeyo family is credited with the revival of fifteenth century Sikyatki ploychrome ware. He has been working with pottery since 1955.

Thomas specializes in deep carved polychrome pottery. He adds his own innovations to Hopi pottery by carving and painting murals which depict scenes from the Hopi religion and sacred ceremonies.

His pottery is fired in a kiln to give it that contemporary style. His favorite to design are the kachina dancers and mudheads. He coils a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Thomas signs his pottery as: Tom Polacca.

Thomas is related to the following artists: Nampeyo (grandmother), Fannie Polacca (mother), Iris Youvella Nampeyo (sister), Harold Polacca (brother), Gary Polacca (son), Carla Claw, and Elvira Naha (daughters). Many others too numerous to list.

-New Mexico State Fair 1st place
-Gallup Indian Ceremonial 1st place

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